The Research Consortium for Agricultural Product Development (RC-APD) is a $10.9 million (including cash and in-kind), four year program funded by the Government of South Australia.  It brings together nine South Australian-based companies from the agriculture and food sector, and nine national and international academic institutions and industry partners to develop high-value products from agricultural waste.


The development of new products derived from agricultural waste streams and low-grade commodities.

The research activities of the Research Consortium for Agricultural Product Development are undertaken in three cross-disciplinary programs across the campuses and faculties of the University of Adelaide and also at the University of South Australia, in conjunction with our industry partners.


Research activities of the RC-APD are undertaken in three research programs underpinned by key platform technologies.

SA Chief Scientist, Professor Caroline McMillen

SA Chief Scientist sharing insight into RC-APD Program

Researchers, industry partners, staff and students from the RC-APD were honoured to host the SA Chief Scientist, Prof Caroline McMillen, at a ‘Commercialisation’ meeting on Thursday 16th September at the Waite Campus. Professor McMillen listened to four of our...
RC-APD's Professional Development Program

RC-APD’s Professional Development Program continues

In addition to site visits, the RC-APD’s Professional Development Program has incorporated an Eminent Speaker Program which has so far facilitated three speakers to share their knowledge and experience with our staff and students. Dr Vincent O’Brien is Director and...
Amena Khatun and Caterina Selva at SA Mushrooms

RC-APD team visits SA Mushrooms

Part of RC-APD's Professional Development Program Across the Research Consortium for Agricultural Product Development program, we aim to engage with leading experts and industry leaders by building knowledge and expertise, gain insights, and advance opportunities for...
Assoc Prof Tara Pukala

Assoc Prof Tara Pukala, new President of ANZSMS

A huge congratulation to our very own RC-APD Chief Investigator Associate Professor Tara Pukala, on her election results as the next Australian and New Zealand Society for Mass Spectrometry (ANZSMS) president! Well done Tara! To...

RC-APD Launched by the Hon D Pisoni MP

Prof V Bulone and Mr D Pisoni MP at the official launch of the Research Consortium for Agricultural Product Development. South Australian Minister for Innovation and Skills the Hon. David Pisoni today officially launched the $10.9 million Research Consortium Program...

RC-APD team tours the Green Dispensary

For the RC-APD’s Professional Development Program another site visit was arranged for June, this time to the Green Dispensary Compounding at St Peters.  This NATA-certified facility is a state-of-the-art compounding pharmacy...
Mushrooms at the market

Sunscreen Produced by Mushroom Waste

Researchers in Adelaide are working on turning mushroom waste into items like sunscreen, skincare products and coating for outdoor furniture coating. The research will help growers convert waste into something valuable.Prof Vincent Bulone The idea is to substitute...

Prof Vincent Bulone on ABC Radio

Professor Vincent Bulone Director of the Research Consortium for Agricultural Product Development featured on the South Australian Country Hour, hosted by Isabella Pittaway. The discussion included sunscreen made from mushroom waste and high-tech materials from...

South Australian Government Announcement

The Research Consortium for Agricultural Product Development (RC APD) was granted $4 million over four years (2019-2022) by the State Government through its Research Consortia Program. It will bring together a total of 18 partners to develop high-value products from...