During her postdoctoral scholarship, Agnieszka has been investigating mushroom-derived biologically active compounds. Recently, she has developed a polysaccharide-rich extract with prebiotic and anti-inflammatory properties.  Agnieszka has been working with Jvaughn and other researchers on this project. This extract, along with others produced by the RC-APD, will be tested in a mouse model to evaluate its efficacy in reducing chemotherapy-induced intestinal mucositis. 

There is potential for further application as a nutraceutical, particularly with respect to gut toxicity within the field of supportive care in cancer. Despite both its prevalence and clinical significance, the precise mechanisms that underpin gut toxicity remain unclear and therapeutic options for patients are limited. One strategy to mitigate the toxic effects of chemotherapy on the gut lining is to “better prepare” the gut to withstand chemotherapy.